Spring Lawn Care Tips:

Spring is a very important time to have your lawn taken care of. Here are some spring lawn care tips to improve your lawn. Depending on the overall health and vigor of your lawn you should consider doing the following to it:

Power Raking:

We suggest power raking if you lawn is thick and full of thatch. Power raking is a process which a machine with metal tines and or a broom with a brush is driven over your lawn. The tines and or broom will help kick up all of the thatch and debris in your lawn. We also will blow out your landscape beds to remove any and all leaves and debris. Mowers will then pick up all of the debris and dead grass throughout the lawn and be hauled away. Power raking will allow more air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil. This will give your lawn the immediate gratification it desires. You will notice your lawn will be greener!


This practice will pull 2″-4″ plugs throughout your lawn. This process will help with compaction and will help your lawn absorb more air, water, and vital nutrients. We have found by aerating in the spring it will also help with certain fungus issues throughout the season. Aeration should be done once a year in the spring or fall. Aeration has been proven to be the best cultural practice you can do for your lawn other than water and mow it properly.

Fertilization and Pre-Emergent:

We apply the highest quality granular fertilizers and liquid weed controls on the market. Spring is the time where a crabgrass pre-emergent should be applied early enough to get control over grassy weeds such as crabgrass and foxtail. Fertilizers are also very important to get your lawn off to  a great start. We guarantee your lawn will be off to the best start possible with our program. Our 2 spring applications will give your lawn the nutrients it needs as well as the weed controls it desires to create the thick, lush, healthy lawn you deserve!