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Sioux Falls Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control:

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Prime Program: 5-6 well timed applications of fertilizing and weed control.

Early Spring Application(March-May): A Pre-emergent for crabgrass and granular fertilizer will be applied to protect your lawn for any grassy weeds. We will spray weeds as necessary. Keep in mind cooler temperatures have an impact on weed control.  We suggest if you plan on doing a spring clean up and or power raking to have it done prior to the application for the best results.

Late Spring Application(May-June): Granular fertilizer with Iron, Prospect (a root enhancer) and a blanket application of weed control.  If your lawn is healthy and weed free, we don’t have to spray weed controls to help protect the environment.  Don’t forget to have your trees and shrubs deep-root fertilized.

Early Summer Application(June-July): Granular fertilizer with Iron, Prospect (a root enhancer), weed control, surface insect control, and fungicides will be applied as needed. We will also monitor your lawn, give you tips, and look over your landscape and let you know if there are any issues.

Late Summer Application(July-September): Granular fertilizer with Iron, Prospect (a root enhancer), and weed and disease control if necessary.  Because of the weather conditions, fall is the best time to seed your lawn by revitalizing it with our state of the art lawn seeder. Don’t forget to schedule for your fall aeration!

Early Fall Application(September-October): Granular fertilizer with Iron, Prospect (a root enhancer), and a blanket application of weed control. Fall is one of the best time to kill weeds throughout the season.  Aeration should be done in the fall.  This is a great time to feed your trees and shrubs with our micro nutrient and organism package.

Fall Winterizer(October-November): Heavy nitrogen granular fertilizer will feed the lawn throughout the winter and help promote an early spring green up. This application is vital for the overall health and vigor of your lawn.

Advantage Program: This program includes all of the Prime Program applications as well as the following:

Grub Preventer(May-June): One-time treatment applied during the late spring/early summer will prevent damage from grubs and will eliminate sod-webworms and billbugs throughout your lawn during the prime time.

Spring or Fall Aeration: Aeration is the absolute BEST thing you can do for your lawn other than water and mow properly. Aeration allows your lawn’s roots to breathe, more water will penetrate the soil, it will also help take care of your thatch layer.

When you schedule for this program, you will receive discounts on the Grub Preventer and Aeration. We make it easy and set up an average rate per treatment so you’ll know exactly how much its going to cost regardless of what service we provide.

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